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February 2023

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Happy February!

This Valentine's Day, choose yourself as your most special Valentine. So often many of us devote all our time and energy to people, work, and other projects. This leaves little time for self-care. If you don't prioritize your health, who will? No plan is a plan to fail. Before you know it, the end of 2023 will be here and regrets about not prioritizing your health will dominate your 2024 New Year's Resolutions. Instead, what if you set your plan in motion today?

Self-care planning...

Your health goals

It is hard to set goals when you don't know where you are starting. Do you want to lose weight? Address your blood sugar, cholesterol, hormones, energy levels? Why? What would you gain by being healthier?

Labs: When is the last time you had a full-panel of lab work? What is your A1C? Fasting glucose? Fasting insulin? Many people have been told they have high cholesterol, but what is your triglyceride level? How about your VLDLs? Do you have liver or thyroid dysfunction? Are your hormone levels normal for your age? Is high cortisol keeping you awake at night or preventing weight loss? Did you know that Dr. Ferguson will assess your lab work and make recommendations? For more information, go to "Functional Health".

CM Vitals: Have you checked out our program for cardiometabolic health?

Cardiovascular disease generally refers to conditions involving narrowed or blocked blood vessels that can lead to heart attack, chest pain or stroke. Given the prevalence and severity of these conditions, it is no surprise that reducing cardiovascular risk is the #1 question on patients’ minds. Given the Standard America Diet, it is no wonder that type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. What's worse? Medications are being treated as the first line of defense, not the last! The side effects list is extensive and, in many cases, a medication for one problem will create the other problem which did not even exist before!

A functional approach to cardiometabolic treatment breaks the polypharmacy mold and puts you in control of your cardiometabolic risk. This approach uses lifestyle medicine to attack the root cause of elevated numbers while considering the connections between them.

We can provide you with a comprehensive and targeted solution for improving cardiometabolic health that looks beyond the numbers and considers the why. Finally, you will have an answer to that number one question and take back control of your health! For more information, go to "CM Vitals".

Interested in our other functional health programs? Click here.

Book Online!

Did you know that you can request an appointment online? Click "Book Now" New patients can request their appointment and fill out all their paperwork by clicking "New Patient" in the header of the home page.

We would like to thank all our patients for trusting us with your chiropractic and wellness care. We, also, want you to know how much we appreciate the trust you've shown when referring your family, friends, and coworkers.

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