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Lisa Ice, Licensed Massage Therapist

Mondays - Thursdays

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Lisa is the newest member of our team. She graduated from Advanced Massage Therapeutics in 2023 and is passionate about using therapeutic massage to help others, as it revolutionized her life after years of struggling with chronic pain. She is always willing to lend an open ear, a validating word, and a relaxing touch.

Outside the office, Lisa enjoys sewing, origami, and otherwise making delicate creations that require a nimble hand. She loves her three cats and long walks with her husband where they discuss old movies and philosophy.

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Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage


Using various techniques to reduce tension, pain, trigger points, and scar tissue in the body. Techniques include Connective Tissue Release (Myofascial), Muscle Energy Techniques, Trigger Point Therapy, Stripping, Static and Cross Friction, Active Release, Various stretching (passive, assisted, and active), and Reflexology.  

Office Policies:

LATE CANCELLATION FEES apply if less than 24 hours prior to your appointment time.  This fee must be paid prior to receiving your next service.

30 minutes   =   $30

60 minutes   =   $45

90 minutes   =   $65

NO SHOW, NO CALL, LATE POLICY: if you no show/no call OR are late, the FULL fee will apply.

* if late, you may elect to get the remainder of your massage at the full fee if the office is notified of your intent and your pending arrival time.

COURTESY POLICY:  This fee is your personal responsibility and cannot be billed to the insurance company.  This courtesy reduced fee for late cancellation may only be used 3 times in one calendar year.  Any late cancellations after this time will result in the full fee due for the massage scheduled.


Massage Therapy

Lisa was able to release my neck without it being painful.  I was very happy with her services!

Palm Massage

I appreciated the quality massage and her personality.  She did a great job working all the muscles.

Shoulder Massage

She knew where I was hurting.  I found her to be very professional. 

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