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Retrain for strength and mobility

  • Shoulder injuries?

  • Lack of shoulder or torso mobility?

  • Do you spend a good portion of the day walking or standing?

  • Do you play sports regularly?

  • Does walking or running result in joint pain (ankle, knee, hip, or back)?

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Retrain to eliminate pain 

  • Hip or back injuries or pain?

  • Lower extremity limited flexibility

  • Feeling unstable when you squat?

  • Do you exercise regularly?

  • Does walking or running result in joint pain?

  • Do you lack core strength?

Cold Laser back_edited.jpg

Shoulder Package

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Hip & Core Package

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Packages include access to the Training Zone

Crossover Symmetry Bundle

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Can't decide?
I get it! Why not get both and save $$?

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