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How do I detox? The easy way!

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

When I first learned about detoxing, programs like Core Restore were not available to speed up the process. My first detox took me 8 months and involved lots of juicing, raw garlic, and raw foods. I've got an easier way for you!

​This is a 7- 14 day program designed to help you restore healthy detoxification & elimination functions. It provides the body with the essentials to support detoxification. It can be done in 7, 14, 21, or 28-day increments.

I usually just do 7-14 days depending on my stress levels and how fall I've fallen off the wagon with my diet choices and sugar consumption. So, in January, I might do a 14-day detox. Later in the year, I might choose to do a 7-day detox.

I like to call this program "Detox in a Box". It is really easy to implement. You get the Core Support which also serves as a meal replacement. Alpha Base gives you vital nutrients. PhytoCore upregulates Phase II liver detoxification to help get them out of the body. It comes with a guide that gives you the shopping list, day-by-day plan, and great recipes.

I just started another 14-day detox today!

Why? I typically like to do a 14-day detox in January and another 7-day detox in late spring. This year, I didn't feel like I could wait until January. Timing is everything. With all the birthdays, anniversaries, and projects I had to complete in September, I knew I wouldn't have a clear 14-day window until now. This works out well for me since I like to spend a few weeks "pre-detoxing". During this time, I clean up aspects of my diet and lifestyle that need to be addressed such as caffeine, sugar, veggie intake for micronutrients, sleep, etc. Doing this helps to avoid the "detox flu" to which I am prone.

Why 14 days?

If I frequently detox, why do I need 14 days? I have experienced a lot of stress this year. I work out a lot. I've been tired and let my caffeine intake creep up. In my past experiences, I have found that when I get to 7 days, I will start to get a metallic taste. This tells me I am reaching the toxins that I need to eliminate. So, rather than waste those 7 days, I'd rather hit it hard for another 7 days.

Why Core Restore?

Quite is the easiest detox for me to incorporate into my daily routine with the least disruption. There are lots of great detoxes that I have tried over the years. I'm pretty tough. I don't mind if it tastes like chunky grass and dirt! But...most people do mind! The Core Support powder is pretty good. In fact, I use it as my regular protein powder even when I am not detoxing. There are only 2 other supplements to take with this detox.

Want to know more about detoxing?

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