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Berberine dropped Blood Sugar 65%!

In a study published in Metabolism, comparing Berberine to metformin, the Berberine dropped blood sugar an average of 65%! Not only was it found helpful in lowering blood sugar, but an 18% decrease in total cholesterol and a 21% drop in LDL. It was found to be effective in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. It also appears to assist the repair of "leaky gut". It has been shown to be antimicrobial while not affecting good bacteria in your gut.

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CM Core by Orthomolecular

Add power to your protocol! Recent research indicates ingredients in CM Core support beneficial long- and short-term metabolic changes, and improvements in LDL-C, HDL-C, triglyceride levels, and insulin sensitivity. CM Core also improves energy production by protecting your mitochondria, enhancing the delivery of fuel to your cells, and by recycling antioxidants C and E. #insulin #METs #OrthoMolecularProducts #functionalmedicine #alphalipoicacid #berberine #cardiovascular #cardiometabolic #AMPK #Cholesterol #CMCore

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