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Chiropractic Works...whether you believe in it or not!

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

I've been a chiropractor for over 25 years. I have successfully treated hundreds of patients. I, too, am a chiropractic success story.

One of the strangest comments I have received repeatedly over the years is "I don't believe in chiropractic". I'm never quite sure how to reply to this comment. My first thought is that chiropractic is not a religion and chiropractors are not faith healers. Chiropractic is based on science. However, even science requires some belief. Only a few of us can go into space, so we believe what astronauts have told us of space to be true. In his discussion of innate intelligence, J.H. Craven states "We cannot define electricity, but we recognize the fact that there is such a thing as electricity, for we see its manifestation and study it through its manifestations." (B.J. Palmer, 1922)

It is understood that the nervous system controls everything that occurs in your body. Every cell in your body communicates with the central nervous system, your brain and spinal cord, via an intricate network of peripheral nerves. Chiropractic is about the nerves, the bones are the secondary. Though most people think of chiropractic in terms of pain relief, it is really about dysfunction relief. Even more important, is that we heal nothing! The body heals itself when provided with the right tools. Chiropractically speaking, the right tools are the removal of interference with the nervous system. We refer to this interference as a subluxation. The subluxation most commonly means a misalignment and/or hypo-mobility of a joint which is causing interference with the nervous system. The chiropractic adjustment removes the subluxation. The body does the rest.

It is not a leap of faith when you understand that the nervous system controls the body through communication with the brain


Brain talks to body <<< (subluxation blocks message) >>> body doesn’t get proper message


Chiropractor removes subluxation


Brain talks to body <<<>>> Body talks to brain

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