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Chiroflow Pillow: No more waking up with neck pain!

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

For 20 years, I would not carry a pillow in my office, until I discovered the Chiroflow pillow. Finally! A pillow that works

For years, patients would ask me what pillow I recommend. My answer was always...I'll let you know when I've found one. Sleeping was always my nemesis, not because I have trouble sleeping, but because I'd wake up feeling like a giant stomped on my neck. I've tried so many pillows...I have a pillow graveyard in my house! I'll admit that I saw the Chiroflow pillow years earlier but thought it wouldn't work. I finally gave it a try...

My First Impressions

It appears and acts like a regular fluffy pillow on the top. It has a water bladder to adjust the height and support. They have a memory foam option but that is not my preference. When I initially lay on it, I was skeptical.

I Tested It...For Months

On occasion, I've tried a pillow that seemed good at the beginning. However, after a few months, it hit the pillow graveyard and the search continued.

When I started to use the Chiroflow pillow, I had to play with the amount of water at the beginning. Once I got the level right, I woke up without neck pain and slept better. Surely, I thought, it is temporary. The honeymoon will end in a few months. A few months later, I was still sleeping on this pillow.

Years have passed and I still like it better than any pillow I've ever tried. They came out with a down alternative that I tried. I didn't care for it as much so I returned to the fiber fill version.

Pros and Cons


  • For a specialized pillow, it is inexpensive at around $65.

  • It has a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and a 3 year warranty against defects.


  • Sometimes the water may sound sloshy. Usually burping it helps.

  • You can only buy it from a chiropractor's office. (not a con in my book, since I am a chiropractor!)

The Final Score

I'm sold on this pillow and now carry it in my office. It is the only pillow that I recommend to my patients at this time. Currently, this is only available on site and, at the time of this blog, it is on sale for $55!

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