Are you at risk of developing diabetes or cardiovascular disease?  Do you have an increased mortality risk?  

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Dr. Kirsten Ferguson
Doctor of Chiropractic
Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner
Certified Dry Needling
Registered Yoga Teacher
Certified Gravity Yoga  Instructor
Certified Yoga Breath Coach
Founder of Vitality Doc

"Throughout 20+ years of practice, I worked with countless patients on nutrition, health and wellness.  Over 2 decades, I feel that the level of chronic illness in our population continues to increase.  In my 20s, I became chronically ill.  After years of tests and pills, I decided to find the answers to better health in a more natural way.  I thought I was living healthy and discovered that I was not.  I became a chiropractic doctor in 1996.  Throughout my career, I have continued to study nutrition and wellness.  In 2017, I decided to go back to school to further my education through Functional Medicine University.  Just as Thomas Edison said, "I am here to work with you and teach you to achieve better health."

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This is a 30-45 minute one-on-one virtual consult with the doctor.  We will discuss your current health concerns and relevant medical history concerns. 

Prior to this appointment, you will provide the doctor with your bloodwork and other labs.

Once the doctor has reviewed these, you will be contacted to schedule your consult time.

This consult will determine your next course of action: dietary, supplements, and/or further testing.

Best for...

if you need feedback regarding lab tests and an initial plan of diet, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations to start you on the road to health and wellness.  Additional labs may be ordered following this appointment (not included)



This is a 15-30 minute one-on-one virtual mini consult with the doctor.  We will discuss your main health and wellness concern. 

This consult does not include any lab or medical record review.

This consult may result in dietary or supplement recommendations.

Best for...

if you need some first steps or simple recommendations.

i.e. What supplements are best for elevated cholesterol, a recent injury, or digestion?

Follow Up


If you have current blood work then we can evaluate your nutritional health.  The doctor will provide a short 5-10 minute consult to discuss findings and recommendations.


In general, the human body can be viewed through both normal blood values and functional norms, whose values can offer clues into the health of your adrenals, liver, and kidneys, as well as the levels of your hormones and vitamins. If your blood shows multiple trends towards a specific disease process, we can make conscious lifestyle changes to dissuade the onset of that process.

Best for...

if you need dietary, supplement, or lifestyle recommendations based on your bloodwork.  Also, good if you need help understanding the findings or changes to your bloodwork and what you can do naturally to help yourself.

What is functional health?

This is a personalized, integrative and investigative approach to healthcare that looks at a patient's history, genetics, environment, and lifestyle to determine causation for long-term health and chronic pain or dysfunction.  To simplify...I look at how to achieve the optimal function for each individual.


How is this achieved?

By utilizing medical history, genetic profiles and in-depth specialized labs, I can gain insights to which systems need to be addressed to achieve better health.  Treatment may include lifestyle changes (such as eating habits, sleep, activities, and self-care), nutraceutical supplements to support repair, stress management, etc. 


Is this covered by insurance?

While you may be able to submit some of your labs to insurance, my services, expertise, and consultations are not.


How do I get started?

To become a functional health patient, you will need to gather your records (all medical records and lab work).  Contact the office and a link will be sent to you to complete your paperwork online.  After all paperwork is received, your initial consultation will be scheduled.  This appointment must be prepaid and is non-refundable.  If necessary, the appointment may be rescheduled but will be subject to a rescheduling fee.


How many consultations will I need?

This will depend on the complexity of your needs.  Plan on the initial consultation and two follow up visits at the minimum.

Vitality Breathing Discovery Class

Vitality Breathing Discovery Class

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