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Upper Extremities

This page provides reminders to home care you may have been assigned by your doctor.

shoulder wall stretch_edited.jpg

Shoulder Wall Stretch

  1. Stand with your arm extended 90 degrees in front of you (palm to the wall).

  2. Keep the body facing forward and slowly sweep the arm overhead with the palm to the wall.

  3. Continue sweeping the arm behind you to 90 degrees.

  4. Reverse the direction until the arm is back to 90 degrees in the front.

shoulder wall stretch 2_edited.jpg

Forearm and Wrist Stretches

talk to the fist.jpg
talk to the fist 3.jpg
talk to the fist 2.jpg
talk to the hand wrist extension.jpg
talk to the hand 4.jpg
talk to the hand 3.jpg
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