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Becoming a Chiropractor...


In college, my mom took me to her chiropractor.  I was having blurry vision problems but the eye doctor said my vision was perfect.  The chiropractor found many issues on the exam and x-ray which could be linked to vision problems, some chronic low back pain, and some worsening asthma symptoms.  I was fascinated when he explained the connection between the nervous system, the spine, and health.  Years later, after suffering from debilitating headaches, I returned to a chiropractor.  In addition to the headaches, I developed many other chronic health conditions. This chiropractor started me down the path of searching for and managing the root causes of illness. 

One day, as I sat in her office reading her story of how she became a chiropractor, I realized that chiropractic was my path! So, the day after my 5-year college reunion, I started classes at Palmer College of Chiropractic.  I graduated in October 1996, moved to Kentucky, and opened Fern Creek Chiropractic Center in April 1997. 

Recovery From Chronic Illness

As a child, I developed asthma and allergies.  After high school and many years of soccer, a car accident led to chronic low back pain.  In my 20s, developed multiple chronic illnesses. I had always had "headaches" which were "normal" in my family. But, in 1993, on January 3rd to be precise, I got a headache that did not stop for 3-1/2 years! When over-the-counter NSAIDs didn't work, I went to my primary care doctor who prescribed an antibiotic and antihistamines for a possible sinus infection and allergies. When that didn't work, we went to stronger pain medications. Then, we tried various preventative medications. Not only did nothing work, but my pain got worse and my health was declining. Not only did I now have pain everywhere in my body, but I developed stomach problems from the medication, my asthma and allergies were out of control, and I started to experience depression brought on by the pain and hopelessness of the situation.


We could talk about this downward spiral and the treatment I received when the doctors couldn't find one cause, but let's fast forward to the end of the story. Through a functional health approach including chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, biofeedback training, nutritional modifications, and emotional awareness, I was able to address the root causes (there were many) and regain my health and my life. 

This forged the foundation of my approach to "health" care. The body must be given the support that it needs to recover and flourish, neurologically, nutritionally, emotionally, etc. Through chiropractic, state-of-the-art modalities, lifestyle modifications, and nutrition, you can support your optimal health. 

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